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Master Shin's Anvil

Weeding Hoe - Small

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Master Shin's Anvil | SKU: AN-64H

This hoe can slide under weeds and invasive runners to uproot the mass. The pointed edge-shaped head can furrow and flick out weeds in walkway cracks.

Materials: Handle: chestnut or oak wood, sun-dried for years to achieve the right weight and water resistance. Blade: made from the strong spring steel used in the auto industry to prevent warping.

Dimensions: L: 12.5" x W: 4.5"

Made In: South Korea


Wipe clean with soft cloth or use water only. Clean and dry thoroughly to prevent rust. To store, dry and lightly oil the surface.




Master Shin's Anvil

Master Shin makes roughly 40 different designs of knives and farm tools. He uses railroad track, repurposing the carbon steel which is rich is manganese and can be heated to a very high temperature.

Master Shin In-Young produces the best handmade knives and farming tools in Korea and was named by the Gyeonggi Province as an Intangible Cultural Heritage Treasure in 2016.

Master Shin's Anvil