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Porter Yoshida

Weapon Tote Bag Medium - Beige

Weapon Tote Bag Medium - Beige

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Porter Yoshida | SKU: 381-05665-40

This series uses 9 ounce weapon original fabrics.
It is a fabric inspired by the elegant and firm Trausers material that was worn as the military uniform of the US Army in the 1940s.
The fabric, which is woven with high density using combed yarn for both warp and weft, has a high-quality luster, softness that fits in your hand, and you can enjoy the unique expression of cotton material that tastes as you use it.
The key points are the leather on the mouth and the handle tape, and the lining made of natural leather.
The M size, which is ideal for everyday use, is equipped with 6 pockets while ensuring a large storage space in the interior, so you can organize small luggage neatly.

Number of pockets Exterior front: 1 pocket
Interior: 6 pockets

SizeW: 325mm / H: 330mm / D: 140mm

W:12.7953"/H: 12.99"/D:5.5"


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