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VSSL Camp Supplies

VSSL Camp Supplies

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VSSL | SKU: 01-114-00S

Camp Supplies keeps critical survival gear at hand while incorporating everyday tools that make any time in the outdoors more enjoyable. Built from waterproof, indestructible military-grade aluminum, Camp Supplies carries over 70 pieces of gear in stackable, organized aluminum tins — so you can do everything from lighting the trail ahead to catching a fish. Available in two styles: Camp Supplies standard, or the SUUNTO edition, which comes topped with the best-in-class SUUNTO KB-14 mechanical compass.


Dimensions: 9.375" x 2" Dia

Weight: 1.32 lbs






  • Bamboo cloth
  • 4-hour beeswax candle
  • Aluminum beadless whistle
  • 2 gear twists
  • Mini sewing kit
  • P38 Military GI can opener
  • 35 feet of fishing line
  • 3 worms
  • 6 j-hooks
  • 1 bobber
  • Split shot



  • 4-Mode LED Flashlight
  • Oil-filled precision compass or SUUNTO KB-14 mechanical compass
  • 5 waterproof Tinder Quick fire starters
  • 10 waterproof matches
  • 1 striker
  • 25 feet of marine grade rope
  • Extra-sharp razor
  • Wire saw
  • 1-liter Whirl Pak water bag



  • 6 bandages
  • 10 wound closure strips
  • 2 antiseptic wipes
  • 2 safety pins
  • Repair + First Aid tape



Camp Supplies allows you to carry all the things you might forget to pack for the days you spend outside without you having to pack them at all. Simply stow Camp Supplies in your pack and you’re prepped with a wire saw, adventure tape, a whistle, a flashlight, and even a fire striker kit.



An accordion-fold instruction manual is included with each Camp Supply VSSL to help you get familiar with the gear. Each tin is labeled and easily stacks into the waterproof VSSL so you know where everything is, right when you need it.



Each piece of gear included in Camp Supplies has more than one use. The 100% Canadian beeswax candle can be used to lubricate zippers or repair holes in fabric. The wire saw can be used to help build a shelter and cut larger pieces of wood.




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