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Snow Peak

TTA Side Tray

TTA Side Tray

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Snow Peak | SKU: CK-304

The TTA Side Tray is a component of the IGT system and TTA series that connects to tables and Low Beach Chairs. It can be used as a small table or as a rotating drawer when connected under a table to keep your IGT set-up organized and tidy. To use the TTA Side Tray, insert and screw into the TTA Clamp and adjust tension.

Please note: the TTA Clamp is required for assembly and is sold separately.




2.2 lbs (1kg)


D 7.9" H 1.1"
(D 200 H 28mm)


2.2 lbs



  • Small Table for Beverages
  • Useful as a Drawer When Connected w/ Tables
  • Compatible w/ Low Beach Chairs, IGT Tables & Frames


  • Tray
  • Protection Cap
  • Fixing Shaft
  • Fixing Nut
  • Bracket


  • Stainless Steel
  • Rubber


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