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Snow Peak

Toya 2

Toya 2

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Snow Peak | SKU: SD-180

An ivory-colored picnic tent with a calm atmosphere that can be easily set up and used in picnic scenes in parks and plazas so that more people can play outdoors.

It can be easily set up and withdrawn with only three points: fly, frame, and floor sheet. After that, when you pull the belt with the belt adjusters at the four corners, the frame rises. Since the bottom of the ground sheet is PU-processed, water does not soak even when the ground is damp, and it also has cushioning properties with batting.

Please note that this product is not an accommodation tent. It is not suitable for accommodation purposes or in heavy rain.


SKU SD-180
Material See Categories Below
Flysheet Fly sheet / 68D polyester taffeta / PU coating water pressure resistance 500mm minimum / water repellent / UV cut processing, floor sheet front fabric / polyester / cotton blend ripstop, floor sheet back fabric / 210D polyester ox / PU coating water pressure resistance 1,500mm minimum, floor sheet batting / polyester, frame / A6061 (9.5mm)
Weight 3.0kg
Dimensions 310 x 220 x 113cm
Contents Include 1‚ Fly sheet, floor sheet, frame (x1), duralumin peg (17 cm x 6), rope with universal (1.5 m x 2), carry bag, frame case, peg case
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