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Snow Peak

Recycled Titanium Aurora Bottle 600 - Ocean

Recycled Titanium Aurora Bottle 600 - Ocean

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Snow Peak | SKU: TW-600RE-OC

The Recycled Titanium Aurora Bottle is an anodized titanium drinking vessel. Designed in collaboration with Nippon Steel, the bottle is our first recycled titanium product, featuring TranTixxii®️ECO and a recycled plastic bottle cap. The titanium leaves no aftertaste for an enjoyable drinking experience regardless of the beverage and is available in two sizes, 600mL, and 800mL.




600 mL: 4.9 oz (140g)
800 mL: 5.3 oz (150g)


600 mL: D 2.8" H 8.7" (D 71 H 220mm)
800 mL: D 3.1" H 9.1" (D 80 H 230mm)


600 mL: 20 oz
800 mL: 27 oz


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