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Snow Peak

P&C Coal Bed L

P&C Coal Bed L

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Snow Peak | SKU: ST-032S

Made of sturdy steel, the Japanese-designed Fireplace Coal Bed L turns the Pack & Carry L Fireplace into a charcoal grill. The Coal Bed elevates coals, briquettes or wood for an even heat source when cooking. To use, insert the Coal Bed into the Pack & Carry Fireplace and place coals or briquettes on top. Pair the Fireplace Coal Bed L with the Pack & Carry L Fireplace or the Tabiki Fire & Grill.




8.6 lbs (3.9 kg)


L 12.4" W 12.4" H 0.8"

Pack & Carry L Fireplace

Tabiki Fire & Grill.

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