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Snow Peak

Mosquito Pig Coil Red - Festival Item

Mosquito Pig Coil Red - Festival Item

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Snow Peak | SKU: FES-087-RD

The Festival: Mosquito Pig Coil in Red is a mosquito incense coil holder. To use, hang the mosquito-repellent incense inside the pig, light the incense, and place it on a table at your campsite. The smoke from the pig will repel mosquitos. Please note that purchase does not include incense. 

Festival items are in limited quantity and will not be restocked. Mosquito-repellent incense is not included.





5.3 oz (150g)


L 5.4” W 5.8” H 6.5"
(L 137 W 148 H 165mm)


Group Camping

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