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Snow Peak

Festival: Grill Burner Oden Hotpot

Festival: Grill Burner Oden Hotpot

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Snow Peak | SKU: FES-357

The Grill Burner Oden Hotpot is a versatile rectangular cooking pot ideal for stews and steamed dishes. Designed to be used with the Grill Burner, the Oden Hotpot includes a crossed partition board and shallow steaming net for versatile cooking options. The lid can also be used as a tray.

This product is part of the AW23 Festival Collection. Festival items are limited in quantity and will not be restocked.




5.75 lbs.


9.5" W x 17.5" L x 4.4" H


Total Volume: 1.75 gallons
Usable capacity: 1.2 gallons

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