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Hasami Porcelain

Glass Tumbler 13oz - Gray

Glass Tumbler 13oz - Gray

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Hasami Porcelain | SKU: HPGLM

HASAMI PORCELAIN glass tumblers are the newest addition to the line's modern and modular porcelain bowls, plates and cups.  Designed by Tortoise General Store owner Takuhiro Shinomoto, these minimalist tumblers are available in three different color and sold individually so you can create your own personalized set.  HASAMI PORCELAIN tumblers are solidly-built with a heavier feel so they can be stacked like the porcelain pieces in the collection.  These everyday glasses are ideal for all beverages from water to wine to an evening cocktail.  

3.34'' x 3.5''
12 oz / 350 ml
.75 lb weight

Manufactured by Toyo Sasaki Glass Co, the manufacturers of the cult-favorite, "HS Hard Strong" glasses.  HASAMI PORCELAIN was launched in the U.S. in 2011 under the direction and design of Los Angeles-based Takuhiro Shinomoto.  Hasami tableware have minimal decorative elements, and is characterized by clean, straight lines and meaningful curves that allow the line to stack and function multi-purposefully. The HASAMI PORCELAIN glass tumbler reproduces the size and shape of the existing medium-sized mug, and is made with a solid thick build so they behave exactly like the semi-porcelain pieces in the collection.

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