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Mutenka Sekken

Cold Process Soap - Kobe Sake

Cold Process Soap - Kobe Sake

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Mutenka Sekken | SKU: 300902 

It's a portable disposable soap. This soap is very convenient for travel, business trips, short stays, and carrying around.

  • Contains Fukuju Junmai Daiginjo made by Kobe Shushinkan, a long-established sake brewery in Nada with a history of 260 years.

    It is said that the toji, who makes sake, has white and smooth hands thanks to the skin-beautifying amino acids contained in sake.

    Kobe Shushinkan is also the sake brewery that was served at the Nobel Prize-winning banquet.

  • Contains domestic camellia oil from the Goto Islands. Rich in oleic acid, which is the most abundant component in the sebum of the body, it is said to be easy to blend into the skin and hair and provide moisture.
  • Contains luxurious oils such as sesame and castor. You can enjoy a very fast and rich foaming and moist feeling.
  • It contains a small amount of cypress essential oil, so it has a refreshing and faint scent that can help you relax. No alcohol flavor at all.
  • This product won the 2013 Good Design Award

1 tablet (width 2 cm x height 1 cm x length 2 cm) contains 16 tablets


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