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Snow Peak

Baja Burner

Baja Burner

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Snow Peak | SKU: GS-400

The Baja Burner is a liquid injection, single burner stove designed for year-round outdoor cooking. Designed to integrate with the Iron Grill Table, the Baja Burner’s inverted fuel position allows for more powerful fuel injection for a consistent output, regardless of weather. Insert the Baja Burner into any IGT frame to fill one unit of IGT space or expand the legs to use as a freestanding burner. With its slim design and foldable legs, the Baja Burner packs flat for easy storage.

Please note, fuel sold separately.




6.2 lbs (2.8 kg)


L 14" W 9.8 " H 5.5"


  • Consistent Output in All Weather

  • Compact for Easy Storage

  • Compatible with IGT



    • Baja Burner

    • Storage Bag


    • Stainless Steel

    • Aluminum

    • Brass


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