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Hasami Porcelain

Aloeswood Incense

Aloeswood Incense

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Hasami Porcelain | SKU: HP040

This line of incense sticks was created through the collaborative efforts of the long-established incense maker Nippon Kodo and Hasami Porcelain.
It is said that during the Warring States period, feudal warlords would burn aloeswood incense in their headpieces when they went into battle. Aside from curbing the smells of sweat and mold inside their helmets, the incense is said to have had a calming effect that helped warriors avoid panic and remain focused on the battlefield.

  • 24 incense sticks, 20-minute burn time
  • 4" glass tube with cork top
  • Aloewood 
  • Creates a calming and relaxed atmosphere in any room

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