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Porter Yoshida

Counter Shade Shoulder Bag - Woodland Khaki

Counter Shade Shoulder Bag - Woodland Khaki

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Porter Yoshida | SKU: 381-05139-33

Based on the woodland pattern, which is a typical camouflage pattern, the PORTER flagship store's original popular series "COUNTER SHADE" is made in original colors.

A wide variety of items, from bags to wallets and camouflage-patterned fabrics with a calm tone that expresses the exquisite difference in shades, can be used regardless of gender, age, or scene. "COUNTER SHADE", which is also the name of the series, is one of the camouflage methods that tries to blend in with the surroundings by separating the color scheme of the part exposed to light and the part that becomes shadow.

The shoulder bag is compact and has the perfect size for going out. The main compartment is equipped with a pen holder and a partition pocket, making it easy to organize stored items. By removing the 38mm wide shoulder strap, you can use it as an inner pouch.

Number of pockets Exterior: Hook-and-loop fastener pocket 2
Interior: 2 pockets, 1 zip pocket, 1 Pen1


SizeW: 245mm / H: 160mm / D: 55mm

W: 9.65" / H: 6.29" / D: 2.16"


MaterialTable: Nylon twill (polyester cotton bonding)
Back: Polyester taffeta

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